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Bedtime Horrors is a collection of dark flash-fiction horror stories written by Nic Kristofer Black and illustrated by Jorge Gonzalez. The creators of this collection designed their work with those who have short attention spans in mind.

"Highly recommended"

Review by Jack Magnus

Bedtime Horrors Volume One is a really cool collection of stories and awesome artwork that blew me away the minute I saw it! Although the cover may suggest for a quick moment that you might be looking at a scary  book for kids, don't be fooled. This is

"This is high-octane stuff"

Review by Brian James Lewis

A fear of the dark is one of the most natural and primal instincts ingrained into the psyche of humankind. But a child’s fear of the dark goes beyond that, into the realm of near hysteria. As such, bedtime is a rather traumatic time for some youngsters.

"An epic win"

Review by Matthew Scott Baker
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