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“WHAT IS INTERNEGATIVE?” We’ve been asked that before, so allow us to explain.




At our very core, we are storytellers – whether it’s via film, print or the manipulation of sound waves. Our deep creative experience spans several decades and creative disciplines.  And in the process we’ve picked up awards and nominations – big and small. So, the next obvious question is: “What can we do for you?” That one’s easy.


Whatever your creative heart so desires.

We can fabricate a single piece of the design pie or scale to handle the whole enchilada. We do long form, short form, trailers, teasers, spots, (re)branding, print material, copy writing, audio sweetening, pre-production, production and post production. You get the point.


So, what is Internegative? We are filmmakers, graphic designers, writers, cinematographers and sound designers – all wrapped into one really awesome, totally portable package.



We are cool stuff makers.

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