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"An epic win"

Review by Matthew Scott Baker

A fear of the dark is one of the most natural and primal instincts ingrained into the psyche of humankind. But a child’s fear of the dark goes beyond that, into the realm of near hysteria. As such, bedtime is a rather traumatic time for some youngsters. I personally believe this is the reason the “bedtime story” was introduced; it helped take the child’s mind of off their unnatural fears.

Author Nic Kristofer Black has put together a collection of flash-fiction (with each story measuring in at only 1,000 words) that pays homage to bedtime stories…in a weird and horrific sort of way. I say this as a compliment, rather than a slur; Bedtime Horrors, Volume 1 is an excellent group of tales, and I can’t wait to see what Volume 2 has in store for us.

The illustration that accompanies each story is a very nice accent to the terror contained within. Artist Jorge Gonzalez does an excellent job of bringing to life some of the blood-stopping horrors mentioned in the author’s works.

Each story in Bedtime Horrors, Volume 1 is written well and flows nicely. The topic offers a nice diversity of horror, from monsters to zombies to…other things. I like this mixture, as it doesn’t tie down the reader to a specific sub-genre; it’s like a grab bag of terror…you never know what you’re going to get when you turn the page!

My favorite story in this collection is the first one, “A Claw at the Closet Door.” This tale is very intense from the start, but the ending has a nice twist I didn’t see coming. I found myself smiling as the story concluded.

Bedtime Horrors, Volume 1 is an epic win, and I highly recommend it. The stories within are “short” shorts, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time with them. Still, they pack a lot of punch for such small packaging. Add this to your library soon…just don’t read the stories at bedtime…

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